Olympic Tourists, Athletes Enjoying Nightlife Ahead of Rio Opening Ceremonies

While some athletes were ecstatic about Pokémon Go’s arrival at the Rio Olympics – except for one gymnast from Japan who racked up nearly $5,000 in roaming charges in just one day playing the game – most of the people visiting Rio are enjoying the partying and the nightlife ahead of the games.

Thursday night, Adidas held their Olympic party inside a local mall in Rio. They showed off their gear provided to some nations, including the United Kingdom. There is also a media center there were the company can monitor all of their athletes and how they do.

One of the athletes who has an eye for fashion and the night life is Miami’s own Angelica Delgado. Representing Team USA in the Judo competition on Sunday, the daughter of a former Cuban national team member is known for being a tough competitor in the ring, she admits to being extra “girly” out of it.

"I'm very Miami in that sense. Since I go grew up my whole life there, I get a little too dressed up to go grocery shopping,” Delgado said. “I'm always training, so I have little time to do the things I like to do, like get girly and go to dinner.”

Delgado was very happy about all her new Olympic outfits, especially ones from Ralph Lauren, saying she spent a lot of time trying them on in front of the mirror in the Olympic village.

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