On Fire! North Miami Fire Station Busiest in America

With so many fires to extinguish, who has time to pose for calenders?

The firefighters of Station 19 in North Miami put out fires even in their sleep. That's if they even get a chance to take a quick nap, considering they have the heaviest workload in America.

Firehouse magazine recently named Station No. 19 the busiest in North America -- and by a country mile. When these heroes come to work, they really have to have their Wheaties. They responded to nearly 5,400 emergency calls last year ranging from the routine 5-alarm fire to coaxing kitty cats out of trees. They even dabble in saving people who have been bitten by large venemous snakes with snake anti-venom.

And they do it all in a lime green truck that looks like it has been painted with Nickelodeon slime.

The Miami Herald did the math for us, and the firefighters hit the emergency horn on average once every hour and a half -- all day, every day.

No wonder there's no local firefighter hunk calender floating around the MIA. They are all too busy actually saving lives. Sorry ladies.

But if you really want to see them in action, they're only a 9-1-1 call away.

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