Opa-locka Security Guard Speaks Out After Being Shot in Leg

A security guard is speaking out after being shot earlier this week.

Marcquise Mclemore, 26, was shot Thursday morning outside an Opa-locka apartment complex while working as a security guard. Mclemore spoke to the media Friday from his hospital bed and shared a message of forgiveness for the men who shot him.

"You could've ended my life, but the fact that you didn't, I'm able to say I do forgive you," Mclemore said.

Mclemore says he felt the three gunshots that hit him in the wrist, thigh and stomach. He explained that at the time the shots were fired, he was scratching his leg because he was nervous about working the night shift. He said that scratch was the difference between life and death.

"If I didn't bend down then I probably would've been hit in my head because of the way the bullets were coming," Mclemore said.

After falling to the ground covered in blood, Mclemore said he remembers trying to understand why someone would do this to him.

"I was like dang, I don't even bother nobody, how could anybody try and do that to me,"he said.

Mclemore said he feels he's lucky to be alive. He overcame homelessness when he first moved to Miami and then survived this Opa-locka shooting.

"God has a special place for me and I'm never gonna give up," he said. "It doesnt matter what these people did to me, I forgive them."

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