Original Miami Heat Staffer Dazzles as ‘Golden Oldie' Dancer

The Miami Heat's senior citizen dance team, the "Golden Oldies," is known for getting the attention of fans, and even opposing players.

Now, there's a Golden Oldie breaking ground because of her day job. Sybil Wilson is 1 of 9 original Miami Heat employees who still works for the team. Wilson has worked in office administration for 28 years.

NBC 6 first featured Sybil in 2006, when she got her very own championship ring. While life with an diamond-studded NBA championship ring had its perks, dancing for the Golden Oldies has only made Sybil's signature smile even bigger.

"There's no feeling in the world like that," she said of dancing in front of a sell-out crowd during a timeout. "To know that so many people love you, it's awesome."

Sybil just became eligible for the Golden Oldies at age 61, but this great-grandmother (4 times over), also has some great dance moves.

She recalls her favorite moment as a Golden Oldie so far, "Nobody expected a bunch of oldies to do the 'quan,' but we did it and the crowd went berzerk."

The last time we followed Sybil in 2006, we witnessed men on bended knee, kissing her ring. This time, after watching her work the crowd at a Heat game, we kept seeing fans approach her with big smiles to tell her how awesome she was.

The Golden Oldies already warranted your attention, but now with Sybil Wilson on the squad, you can't take your eyes off the court.

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