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Orlando Killer's Secret Sex Life Revealed

Noor Salman claimed she had no idea her husband was going to commit mass murder.

But federal prosecutors say she was in on it -- and, as proof, cite a text she sent her husband eight hours before he barged into Pulse nightclub in Orlando and mowed down 49 people: "If your mom calls say Nimo invited you out and noor wants to stay home."

Prosecutors say that was a cover story Noor Salman concocted.

But this week the defense claimed the text helps prove she is innocent.

And they credit the FBI with finding their proof.

Investigators located Nemo, who told them Mateen often lied to Salman, saying he was going out with Nemo when, in fact, Mateen was hooking up with women for illicit sexual encounters.

And the FBI confirmed Mateen would use Craigslist, Plenty of Fish, Arab Lounge and other sites to connect with women, according to a motion Salman filed seeking to present the evidence to her jury.

Agents spoke to at least four women who met Mateen in person after connecting online, including one woman who carried on a nine-month sexual affair with him, ending in March 2016, three months before the massacre, the defense claims in its motion.

The proof of innocence, they claim: Salman was just texting her husband that she told his mother what she thought was true -- that Mateen was out with Nemo, as he had claimed.

The motion makes no mention of Mateen's sexual involvement with other men -- despite several men coming forward after the shooting claiming he had been seen cruising gay bars and websites. Some speculated he targeted a gay nightclub because he was troubled by his own homosexual urges.

Now the only public evidence is he was involved with women.

And it is his wife who wants to use it as part of her defense.

Salman is charged with aiding and abetting his mass murder, which he told police by phone that morning he carried out in furtherance of his allegiance with the terrorist group ISIS. She's also charged with obstruction of justice.

She remains in custody pending a federal trial, which could begin in Orlando as early as March.

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