Pair Charged With Stealing Broward Fire Equipment

A pair of thieves are facing more than 100 charges combined in relation to a scheme to steal fire alarm control panels and wire copper from residences, police say.

Amy Courage, 46, is accused of posing as an inspector and stealing equipment and copper wiring from apartment complexes along with her partner, 39-year-old Michael Moser, who has been in jail since January.

Courage appeared in court Monday and faces 12 charges, while Moser is facing 111 charges in relation to the crimes.

It is now known if either has hired an attorney.

According to an arrest report, Moser and Courage would go to various apartment complexes in Coral Springs. Courage would pose as an inspector, while Moser would remove fire alarm control panels and copper wiring from the buildings.

They would then sell the equipment to a dealer, the report said. The thefts caused tens of thousands of dollars in losses to the buildings and rendered the buildings' fire alarms useless.

Both are being held on tens of thousands of dollars bond, that amount is based on the amount of money lost by the apartment complexes as a result of the thefts.

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