Brian Hamacher

Pair Found With Skimmer, Dozens of Credit Card Numbers at MIA: Cops

Authorities say skimmer was hidden inside a radio

Two men found with a credit card skimmer and dozens of credit card numbers and other fraudulent items at Miami International Airport are facing charges, authorities said.

Ricardo Oliveira, 30, and Victor Cantuario, 22, were arrested Wednesday on charges including trafficking in counterfeit credit cards, credit card forgery and organized scheme to defraud, according to Miami-Dade Police arrest reports.

The reports said Oliveira and Cantuario arrived at MIA on a flight from Portugal and were flagged by Customs and Border Patrol for a secondary screening.

When agents searched Oliveira, they discovered a card skimming device hidden inside a radio, along with a pin camera attached to parts from a bank ATM, the reports said. Agents found two memory disks and a flash drive, which contained more than 60 credit card numbers, the reports said.

Cantuario also had two credit cards that were re-encoded with other credit card numbers in his wallet, the reports said. A search of Oliveira's suitcase also turned up seven gift cards that had been re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers, the reports said.

The men, who the reports say live in Boca Raton, were taken into custody and booked into jail. Attorney information wasn't available.

Police said this type of crime happens in waves and warned people to be vigilant when using ATMs, especially those outdoors and not owned by banks.

"IN the section where you insert your credit card, if that part there is protruding out of the ATM machine, what I would do is tell people to grab that part of the ATM machine and see if they could pull on it," MDPD Det. Marcos Rodriguez said. "If they pull it and it stays in their hands, obviously something had been installed over it, contact the police immediately."

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