Parkland Parents Speak Out Against Reinstating Scott Israel as Broward Sheriff

Parents of the Parkland school shooting victims came together Monday to stand together against the possible reinstatement of Scott Israel as Broward County Sheriff.

The parents of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School victims held a news conference as the fate of the position remains up in the air.

"17 families in this community are united. We are together on this important realty that Mr. Israel cannot get his job back," said Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter, Jaime, in the Feb. 14, 2018 shooting. "Mr. Israel, if you had fought for the citizens of Broward County as hard as you're fighting for your job, maybe we wouldn’t be standing here today with the need to have this press conference."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ousted Israel for what he claimed was his incompetence and neglect of duty in the handling of the shooting. The parents said the potential move to reinstate Israel is stirring up tough memories from the past.

"He failed before February 14th, during February 14th and after February 14th," said Max Schachter, who lost his son Alex.

On Sept. 25, a special senate master investigator said Israel's suspension was not warranted and recommended that he get his job back. The decision will be up to Florida's Senate when they take up the case later this month.

"The multitude of failures throughout BSO demonstrates a systemic problem and point to a leadership failure. To the Florida senate, please vote to uphold the suspension of Mr. Israel," said Lori Alhadeff, mother of Alyssa.

Israel's attorney, Ben Kuehne, released a statement on his behalf Monday.

"Sheriff Israel grieves every day for the loved ones who perished and were injured that tragic day. He keeps their memory in his prayers," the statement read. "He committed to the people of Broward County before that day and after that day. He would work tirelessly to protect the people of Broward County to the best of his ability. That’s what he had done and what he will continue to do as sheriff."

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