‘Patients Are Being Duped': NBC 6 Tests CBD Products

You can find CBD in a variety of products from oils to creams to patches and even coffee.

It’s an extract that comes from marijuana and hemp plants. A growing number of people use the products for their reported health benefits.

It’s legal to buy and sell but it’s an unregulated industry. NBC 6 Investigators found no oversight - few people watching what actually goes inside the product.

NBC Investigators bought dozens of CBD products from stores and online and put them to the test.

Chemists with an accredited lab analyzed the samples to determine if the amount of CBD listed on the label is what’s found in the product. The results may surprise you.

See the results of the NBC 6 Investigation and get a look inside what’s expected to become a billion dollar industry this year, Tuesday night at 11 on NBC 6 and NBC6.com.

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