P.E. Student Hospitalized for Heat Exhaustion

Eight elementary school students complained of having heat-related symptoms

An elementary school student was rushed  to the hospital Thursday after complaining of heat exhaustion.

The student attends Ruth K. Broad-Bay Harbor Elementary School and was participating in a physical education class when the symptoms occurred, Miami-Dade County Schools spokesman John Schuster said.

Seven other children in the class also complained of heat-related symptoms but were not taken to the hospital, Schuster said. It is unclear what activity the students were performing in the near 90-degree heat.

"Physical education teachers are trained to use discretion during times of extreme heat and humidity, which is often a challenge in South Florida," Schuster said in a statement. "We encourage and promote proper hydration to help students stay cool."

The incident comes a day after a 7-year-old boy died after passing out while playing football in the heat with his father over the weekend.

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