Police Bust Grow House Under Bedroom of Home

For the second time in the same day, police have broken up a marijuana grow house in Miami-Dade County. The bust went down Tuesday evening on the 12000 block of SW 220 Street.

Police said Narcotics investigators went into the home Tuesday and discovered the entrance to the underground laboratory. The door to the lab was in the master bedroom of the home under a baby crib, according to Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland.

Photos from the scene showed an elaborate setup that included plants hung from walls and an elaborate power setup that plugged directly into the home’s power box. Police photos also showed the tunnel that led to the grow house under the home.

The bust Tuesday evening followed an overnight raid that broke up a marijuana lab that was found underneath a swimming pool. The earlier raid took place on the 21000 block of SW 125th Avenue and netted nearly 70 pounds of marijuana worth about $250,000.

Two people were arrested in the overnight raid. MDPD said they seized approximately 30 pounds of marijuana from the home Tuesday night.

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