Teen on ATV Leads Police on Chase in Miami-Dade

A teen on an ATV led police on an off-road pursuit in southwest Miami-Dade Wednesday before finally surrendering.

The chase began after three teens on ATVs confronted a teen at South Dade Park on Southwest 164th Avenue just before 2 p.m., Miami-Dade Police said.

One of the suspects pulled out a firearm and threatened the victim, who fled into a building while a witness called 911, police said.

As officers arrived, the teens fled in different directions, police said. Two were quickly caught but the third led officers on a chase on an ATV.

Footage showed police cars and a police helicopter pursuing the ATV on dirt roads at a high rate of speed.

After avoiding officers for at least a half hour, the ATV rider surrendered to a Homestead Police officer.

"When you're dealing with an armed subject that committed some type of firearms charge or allegedly committed this crime, you know, we want to catch this guy, we don't want anyone else to be a victim," Homestead Police Det. Fernando Morales said. "So the full resources are geared toward catching this person."

Police said the suspect struck a marked police car during the pursuit and may have tried to hit other officers.

"It's extremely irresponsible. You have an ATV, not only possible risking somebody else's life, but risking his own life," Det. Morales said.

Two of the ATVs were towed to the Homestead Police Department as part of the investigation. Police said one of them had been stolen.

All three suspects are 16 years old, police said. They're expected to be charged with aggravated assault as well as fleeing and eluding, police said.

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