Raccoon Gives Birth To Babies In Car

A raccoon who gave birth to two baby raccoons in a car is back in the wild with her young.

Devon Straight, an employee at the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center in Bradenton Beach, responded to a call about a pregnant raccoon in a car on Wednesday morning. The creature was found in what appeared to be a 2005 Camaro Convertible being serviced at an automobile detailing lot, Straight said.

Straight was surprised to find the animal ripped through a plastic covering over the car’s window in order to enter the vehicle. After being joined by two employees at the automobile lot, Straight spotted the creature lying down in the backseat of the car, a newborn baby by her side.

The mother raccoon appeared startled when she saw Straight, so the wildlife rescuer went to retrieve tools that would safely capture the creature from the vehicle.

“I was worried she'd get frightened and run away leaving her baby, so I retreated back to my vehicle to retrieve my equipment,” Straight said. “I grabbed a large kennel, noose pole and heavy gloves; then went wide around the car and approached from the passenger side so she wouldn't escape.”

Once the mother raccoon was safely removed, Straight and the two employees scoured the car for the babies.

After a thorough search, Straight and the employees located one baby in the backseat and another baby covered with trash in the trunk.

Straight took the babies to the mother and relocated all three animals to a large, wooded area.

“I'm sure they've found a new home and will be raised in a more natural environment,” Straight said.

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