Raising the Barre in South Florida Fitness

You don't need your sneakers for a workout at The Bar Method Miami. A pair of socks, some pants and a shirt are all you need for this exercise in a carpeted studio.

The Bar Method is a total body workout focusing on strength, posture, and flexibility. The ballet bar is essentially a prop to balance while making small range-of-motion movements.

"All the exercises were designed under the guidance of physical therapists. Our teachers undergo a rigorous 6 to 8 month training process. We have a lot of focus on posture, alignment, and keeping students in the right position," said Sherri DiMarco, Bar Method Miami studio owner.

The results of a barre workout try to mimic a dancer's lean body.

"When I heard about the Bar Method and heard it was about conditioning based on ballet dancers I got so excited. It's kind of getting that ballet body without having to be a ballerina," said Gillian Johnson, longtime client.

Although mainly women fill up the classes, men are welcomed, too. People with injuries or pregnant women are also eligible to try a class because it is not a high-impact workout.

"People will look into the window when it's their first time and say oh that looks very easy, they're not sweaty, they're making tiny little movements, but that's the hardest part. It's that control you have to have," said Johnson.

Anyone 16 or older is welcomed to try The Bar Method. The studio offers four different classes ranging in level, time and intensity.

The Bar Method is offering an exclusive $50 discount for NBC 6 viewers. Once on the website click "New Client Trial." Type in "NBC6" as the promo code at checkout.

You can also call 305-668-7738 and say you saw the NBC6 report.

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