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Residents concerned over 5G towers with possible health warning popping up in Kendall neighborhoods

Concerned homeowners spoke out at a meeting Tuesday night, frustrated about not knowing when and where the next 5G towers will pop up.

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Brand new 5G towers meant to improve cellphone coverage in the area and throughout the state are popping up in Kendall — but neighbors aren't happy about it since they're being installed right in front of their homes, sometimes without notice.

A huge concrete slab was just recently installed right outside Lissette Monzon’s home in Kendale Lakes. She’s lived there 10 years.

“When I went out and looked, I saw a 32-foot utility pole two inches away from my yard," she said. "They had to cut my bushes and hedges and my sprinkler is right on the edge of it."

She quickly learned that the concrete slab was a 5G tower. It has a health warning that reads it "can cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm."

“I’m a mother that home-schools my children," Monzon said. "I have a garden directly under the area that it’s looming over, and our heads, we all sleep on that side of the house."

And it’s not the only 5G tower that’s popped up recently. Bernard Hershewsky has lived in his home in Glen Cove for 30 years.

“They put it right behind my house — no warning, no pre-warnings, no notice, no nothing — they came and started ramming it down my throat," Hershewsky said.

Both homeowners Tuesday night went to a meeting with other concerned neighbors hosted by the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations. They’re frustrated and don't know when and where the next 5G towers will pop up.

The county has told them there’s nothing they can do about it because of a state law passed in 2019. The communications bill says a county may not regulate or prohibit the installation of utility poles.

“I want to see for a special session to take place at the state level where they amend the bill so they can take consideration for residential neighborhoods," Monzon said.

Crown Castle, the company that installs the poles, sent a statement to NBC6 that says in part that the towers "will bring more reliable coverage and that the scientific and health communities have all come to the same general conclusion — there are no known health hazards from exposure to RF emissions."

"We need some help, we need somebody from the government that's supposed to be looking out for us people to start looking out for us. There's too much unknown," a homeowner said.

Neighbors are also concerned about aesthetics and decreasing property values.

The state representative for this area said he's also concerned and will start looking at ways the state can better regulate when and where these poles go up.

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