Fort Lauderdale

Residents Concerned Over Reeking Wastewater Overflowing in Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood

Reeking waste water has residents in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood covering their noses. Overflowing manholes have caused a mess and a stench along Northeast 4th Street and as you might imagine, people who live in the area are disgusted.

"It smells like what you would expect to smell maybe if you were standing 30 feet from a line of outhouses," said resident Justin Green.

Fort Lauderdale city officials two manholes overflowed during to recent heavy rains and repair work underway on parts of the manholes. Residents are asked to avoid contact with the water.

Residents have been dodging the puddles of untreated waste water that dot the streets.

"When the smell is this bad it kind of makes you concerned that there might be some kind of safety problem," said resident Edward Gilmore.

Crews are aware of the overflowing manholes and are planning to use vacuum trucks to clean up the mess, city officials said. No interruptions to service are expected.

If residents spot overflowing waste water in their neighborhood, they are urged to call the 24-hour Neighbor Service Center at 954-828-8000.

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