Residents Fighting Eviction From Hollywood Highrise Slated for Demolition

Residents of a Hollywood apartment building slated for demolition say they're fighting to stay in their homes.

Augusto Angarita has lived at the Townhouse Apartments at 1776 Polk Street for more than 13 years, but on one September day he found out he had three months to pack his things and go.

"It was unexpected, completely, and it was going to change my whole life," he said Wednesday.

The deadline to move out was Tuesday, but a few residents who said they tried to find a place to live for around the same price haven't found anything.

Building management told tenants they had to move out by December 31st, but now one day after deadline, Angarita and about 10 other residents are putting up a fight.

"I'm not able to leave yet," he said.

Angarita said an attorney representing the group told them the building's owner needs to get a court order to evict them. The few remaining are also seeking relocation compensation.

Kevin Artis also thinks they have a case. Artis moved into the building just one month before receiving the termination notice.

"I was just getting used to the area and yeah, I'm kinda annoyed because I wouldn't have moved in if I'd known boom, a few weeks later I had to move out," he said. "I just wanted more time, just not to rush out and find something."

The building will be replaced with a new luxury apartment building, a boutique hotel, and a supermarket. NBC 6 South Florida tried contacting the building owner and attorney but have not received calls back for comment.

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