Royal Wedding Thrills Miami Watchers

Dozens gathered at bridal boutique to watch William and Kate's nuptials

From oohs and aahs to smiles, the royal wedding did not disappoint Miami’s faithful who rose before dawn to watch Westminster Abbey from across the Atlantic early Friday morning.

“I’m not a morning person, I didn’t think I would come,” said bride-to-be Ana Ortega, who gathered with more than two dozen at Coconut Grove’s Ever After Bridal Boutique to watch the festivities.
But she couldn’t resist watching William and Kate tie the knot.
“Most girls… grow up watching Disney movies and this is like a real life fairy tale,” said Ortiz, who can’t help thinking Princess Catherine is not so different from her.
“This girl, she grew up normal, normal life, and she’s marrying the future King of England and it’s like a story you see in books, but you never see in real life,” she said.
For her, one breathtaking moment outshines the others.
“To finally see the dress,” she said. “How beautiful it was.”
Everafter’s owner Camille Thiry Russler was also a fan.
“The gown is spectacular, beautiful Chantilly lace… absolutely gorgeous,” said Russler. “I think it says she wanted to give the message that she’s beautiful. She is a woman of tradition, but also a modern woman.”

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