‘Salt Bae' To Open New Steakhouse In Brickell

“Salt Bae” is coming to Miami.

The legendary chef and social media sensation Nusret Gökçe will open his first U.S. steakhouse in Brickell next month, the Miami Herald reports.

Known on social media for seasoning massive slabs of steak with a tender swagger and poise, Gökçe has amassed an Instagram following of more than 9 million. His distinct seasoning method (namely, the skillful way in which he sprinkles salt on steak) has become the subject of various memes, videos and Facebook pages.

Gökçe will reportedly debut his Nusrt-et Turkish Steakhouse where the now-closed Coya restaurant once operated at 999 Brickell Avenue. Both the steakhouse and Coya are owned by the same company, Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment. The company also owns Zuma in Miami.

The new steakhouse was originally supposed to open in New York, but will now open in Miami first due to logistical reasons. According to the report, “Salt Bae” himself will be actively involved in the hiring process.

Gökçe is a butcher and chef who has opened 10 Nusr-et Steakhouse locations in places like Istanbul and Dubai. His new venture in Miami speaks to the description on his Instagram page: "Very soon all around the world."  

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