Security Guard Beaten & Robbed At Collins Park in Miami Beach

A security guard at Collins Park & the Bass Museum in Miami Beach was beaten and robbed by three armed thieves Wednesday.

The attack has the neighborhood on edge.

The President of the Collins Park Neighborhood Association Ray Breslin spoke exclusively to NBC 6 about his frustration over the violence.

"This is the art and cultural epicenter of Miami Beach and we have to make sure it's safe for everyone," said Breslin.

According to Miami Beach Police, three men approached the security guard identified as Lazaro Perea and one pointed a gun at his neck, demanding money.

Perea spoke to NBC 6 in Spanish about the scary encounter. He said the one of the robbers tried to punch him in the face, but he blocked it and knocked the gun out of his hands. 

After giving them his cell phone, the report says one of the robbers struck Perea in the face. The victim also hurt his left hand during the struggle.

"No lighting. They can't be seen. They rob. They do whatever they need to do," said Breslin.

Breslin says for about six years he's expressed concern to city officials that Collins Park is not properly lit.

"The city finally last year allocated $296,000 to re-do the lighting and electric in the park. All of their estimates came in higher than that, so instead of going to like phase 1, phase 2, they sent it out for re-bidding. And then an incident like this happens," said Breslin.

Thursday morning, Breslin proposed a temporary solution to the lighting issue.

"You have these generators with lights you stick out on the beach for special events. Ii want one in the park," suggested Breslin.

Thursday evening, the Miami Beach City Manager responded to the community's complain and generator lights were placed at Collins Park.

As for the robbery, police believe the men may have been targeting some rims the security guard had in the back seat of his car.

The crooks took off in a white sedan.

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