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Security Incident Involving Suspicious Item Causes Delays at Miami International Airport

Dozens of flights were delayed at Miami International Airport Monday evening while authorities investigated a suspicious item at a security checkpoint.

A total of 50 flights - 22 arrivals and 28 departures - were affected, airport officials said. Some 500 passengers were believed to be affected by the delays.

Miami-Dade Police responded to investigate the suspicious item and the investigation was later turned over to the FBI.

Officials with the FBI said a passenger who went through security just before 5 p.m. had items in his carry-on bag that looked suspicious. The passenger was located and questioned and his bag was searched, but the items in question were deemed safe, officials said.

The passenger was cooperative and faces no charges, officials said.

Passengers on an American Airlines flight to Barbados said a SWAT team boarded their plane shortly before takeoff and ordered everyone to put their hands on their heads.

One of the passengers on the plane was taken into custody. The FBI hasn't confirmed if it is the same passenger who had his bag searched.

“A passenger on American Airlines flight 2393 from Miami to Barbados was taken into custody by local law enforcement at MIA. We are working closely with law enforcement while ensuring the care of our customers the best we can," the carrier said in a statement. "The plan is to get them to Barbados as soon as possible. For details regarding this incident, please contact the Miami-Dade Police Department.”

Airport officials said everyone was safe but that the incident affected Checkpoint 2, the SkyTrain on Concourse D and some D gates.

The inner loop of the departure and arrival roadways were also closed, airport officials said.

All checkpoints and the roadways were later reopened.

Many of the affected flights were for American Airlines.

"American Airlines is seeing delays to its operation at MIA tonight as a result of a security incident earlier this evening. We encourage our customers flying with us tonight out of MIA to check their flight status," the company said in a statement.

No other information was immediately known.

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