Some Christmas Shoppers Buying Gifts at Last Minute

Joseph Mathew said he wanted to avoid the holiday traffic

With just hours to spare, Christmas shoppers hit the stores in a race against time.

You can call them procrastinators – shoppers waiting until literally the last minute to get their holiday gifts.

Joseph Mathew was one. He, like many shoppers, took advantage of the late hours at Walgreens in Miramar Monday night.

Joseph said he procrastinates “Because I would rather just do it overnight. One fell swoop, ’cause the traffic building up to it is worse to me."

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Joseph says by waiting until the last minute, he pretty much knows what he wants – anything for him to avoid the holiday traffic.

"Something you don't have to go and play with the traffic, ’cause it's a mess out there,” he said.

Consumer research shows that 39 percent of last-minute shoppers opt for gifts from drug stores like Walgreens.

"So now I'm part of the 30 percent, is that what you telling me?” Rachel Morris said. “That's fine, I can live with that, I can live with that."

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