Some South Florida Mayors Upset Cities Will Not Receive Funding From Latest Covid Stimulus Package

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Late Monday night, Congress approved the latest round of Covid relief that would bring some much-needed relief for South Florida families, but some city officials are not happy that they were left out.

The $900 billion stimulus bill, which passed the House of Representatives 359-53 before passing in the Senate by a vote of 92-6, would provide a $600 check for those making less than $75,000 a year. On top of that, another $600 would be provided for each child, as well as $300 a week in extra unemployment benefits. For so many, the money can’t arrive soon enough.

However, left out of the equation are individual cities that are in need of extra funding in order to continue providing services for residents.

"I was incredibly disappointed," Miami Shores Mayor Crystal Wagar said.

She and other South Florida mayors were not happy when they found out their cities won’t get anything from the stimulus package.

"We do have services to provide our residents and we have business to try to uphold and we have rents that need to be paid and we do have facilities that we need to care for. So I was incredibly disappointed," Wagar said.

Cities, however, will get to carry over the CARES act money that would have expired for them on New Year’s Eve.

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