South Florida Doctors, Nurses Worried About Treating Patients Amid Pandemic

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Hospitals across South Florida have become a battleground against the coronavirus pandemic - and many are now preparing for the possibility they may become the new epicenter in a few weeks.

One of the hospitals treating the most patients is UM Jackson Memorial Hospital, where emergency room doctors says they’re ready for now after seeing an increase of patients with flu like symptoms.

Some hospitals are also seeing a surge in admissions as doctors and nurses feel comfortable with preparedness today, but can’t completely predict what will happen a week or two from now.

“This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, the way it spreads,” said Dr. Mark Supino, an attending physician. “The symptoms, the potential absence of symptoms and the way it’s just hitting everyone.”

Being prepared for supplies is one thing but being prepared mentally is another. Doctors and nurses say their job is to stay focused and provide care.

“We think we are prepared, but we are very concerned that the tools we need are not there yet or if they are there, they are going to be in short supply,” said VilMed infectious disease specialist Dr. Carlos Omenaca.

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