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South Florida Educator Creates Tutoring Program Inspiring Children to Succeed

Sheneka Brown's smile says it all - an educator that loves her job, while playing a role in shaping the young minds of students, she noticed a need.

“It’s a lot of testing and so forth, so what I wanted to do was give them real life and real world applications along with reading and mathematics,” Brown said. “So that started the birth of Inspire One.”

Brown started Inspire One Success, an organization geared toward helping students in grades K-12 with reading and math. But it's not just about bettering students in subjects - it's also something much deeper than that.

“We also build in our curriculum mentorship and character building,” said Brown. “We try to get the kids to discover who they are, who they want to be and discover their purpose within our curriculum.”

Brown currently has 10-12 students in her program. Inspire One Success is still in its infant stages, only a year in existence. But even with the short amount of time, parents say they've seen a change in their children's academics.

“The results I've seen so far have been major, especially when it comes to testing,” said Latara Delancy, the mother of one program participant. “He's more confident now, he's more prepared and I'm just so grateful that he's able to do so.”

For brown, she believes the program is her mission and her calling to make a change.

“My goal was to be able to change one life, and I want that one life to change many, so every time I hear parents and I see kids make a change, it brings such a joy in my heart to know that I was able to be a part of that,” Brown said.

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