South Florida Man Arrested, Accused of Twitter Threats Against Mitch McConnell

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A South Florida man was arrested after authorities said he made threats on Twitter against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Steven Marbury DiLauro, 31, of Pinecrest, was arrested Thursday on a charge of written threats to kill or do bodily harm, an arrest report said.

According to the report, DiLauro posted the threatening tweets on Oct. 26 on his account that included his name and photo.

"I will bounce his skull on the sidewalk like a [expletive] sea otter and tear his skin off while he’s still breathing and that’s a promise," DiLauro tweeted, according to the report.

He also tweeted about violence against Republicans in general, the report said.

"Every member of the GOP should be lined up in front of a wall but there are a select few who should be slowly lowered into a tank of sharks and kept alive as long as possible," he wrote, according to the report.

The report said DiLauro confessed to the crime. He was booked into jail, and attorney information wasn't available.

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Steven DiLauro

Police visited DiLauro at his apartment building in Pinecrest Thursday, neighbors said.

"It’s all shocking to hear, I knew there was something going on," neighbor Sandra Jacquemin said. "I know they were here interrogating him for a while yesterday but we had no idea what was going on, I know there was something he was up to."

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