South Florida Students Join Climate Strike, Express Sea-Rise Fears

Hundreds of high school students shouted "Miami is under attack" at Miami Beach city hall to underline concerns over sea rise in their coastal city as they joined the global climate strike.

Sixteen-year-old Aleksandar Demetriades said Friday, "I'm scared that I am going to lose my house" and that climate change is one of his generation's defining issues.

With a coastline stretching 1,350 miles, Florida faces some of the gravest risks from rising ocean levels.

In the capital, 14-year-old Jessica Cao got her parents' permission to skip high school literature, economics and physics to join scores of activists in Tallahassee.

"It's not cutting class if I'm doing it for the planet," Cao said. "It's super-important to acknowledge there's a crisis right now. I don't think the government is listening."

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