Cutler Bay

South Florida Woman Begins Residency at Clinic Where She Was Once a Patient

After a horrific car accident, a young woman has vowed to become a doctor.

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Cuban American Yeily Hernandez Mato got her "white coat" a symbolic ceremony as she begins her residency program at the Cutler Bay Community Health of South Florida clinic.

Hernandez Mato said she had been in a horrible car crash years ago and was treated at CHI, which inspired her to become a physician.

Now, the young doctor is returning to CHI after being a patient there herself.

But the accident wasn't the most difficult challenge for her, she said. At one time she and her mom were homeless.

"We didn't have a house for a while, but I see it as a great thing now because it brought me closer to the community," said Hernandez Mato.

Another six doctors also received their white coats Wednesday morning to begin their residencies at CHI.

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