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South Florida Woman Killed in Crash Weeks After Daughter Born

Family and friends are mourning a young South Florida mother who was killed in a crash just weeks after giving birth to her baby girl.

It was the evening of Father's Day when those close to her say 24-year-old Rachel Foster left her baby with her boyfriend's mother and went to help him. Boyfriend Yovanhi Roque's car had broken down on the side of the Palmetto by Northwest 57th Avenue.

Foster had brought a neighbor to accompany her but investigators said only she got out to go to her boyfriend's car. Instantly, investigators said a car hit both vehicles on the Palmetto and Foster.

Foster was killed and her baby's father hurt badly and remains hospitalized. Her neighbor suffered minor injuries.

"I got a call from her boyfriend's sister and they told me they had gotten into a car accident and she didn't make it," friend Devin Rodriguez said. "I was in shock, screaming."

Authorities from FHP are investigating the cause of the crash, including if the driver of the vehicle that struck Foster was drunk at the time.

"My brother called, told me there was an accident and my sister is no longer with us," brother Jorge Carvajal said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the girl, SaviMia. To donate, click here.

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