South Florida Woman Still Waiting for 2010 Tax Return Money

Someone filed a fradulent return under Julie Kennedy's name almost a year ago

Almost a year ago, someone fraudulently filed a tax return under Julie Kennedy’s name.

They took her name and her money, leaving her with headaches and stress.

“I am still waiting for my tax return,” Kennedy said of her $1,600 refund from last year.

The Internal Revenue Service just sent her a letter acknowledging the theft, Kennedy said.

“For the next three years they will always double-check my tax return to make sure it's accurate and that I am who I am, that there's no fraud,” said Kennedy, whose ID was stolen at Keiser Career College.

But the tax agency only reacted after she called almost daily, she said.

The IRS said it won’t comment on open investigations.

Kennedy says she must constantly look over her shoulder now – monitoring her credit, and watching out for an alert on her Social Security number.

Meantime, she is still waiting for that 2010 tax return money, and has been forced to put aside her plans for a new car for work.

“Be very aware of when you’re supposed to get your tax return back,” she said. “If you expect it in the middle of February, end of February and you don't get it call right away, because the sooner you get on it, the better.”

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