Miami-Dade Students Keeping King's Dream Alive

One school is celebrating the civil rights leader in style

On Monday, the nation will pause to remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and all he did to unite America. But one Miami-Dade school is already reflecting.

The students are calling on their classmates to become "drum majors for peace." It's a parade with a purpose as students at Frank Martin K-8 Center are celebrating a legacy that continues to inspire future generations.

"I personally appreciate all that he's done. All of my friends are different races and that wouldn't be possible without Dr. King," said 8th grader Timmy Bernard.

"Dr. King not only had a dream, but he made the dream happen," said 8th grader and Student Government President Rebekah Chung. "Dr. King said everyone can be a servant and everyone can be great if they serve. That's what a drum major for peace does, they serve."

Marching bands from Richmond Heights and Mays middle schools are rallying students to unite.

"We have children from all over the world, believe it or not, over 55 countries represented," said principal Pamela Brown. The school has done this for 15 years now. Each year is a new opportunity to keep the dream alive.

"To live together and work together just as Dr. King would've had it," Brown said.

“I think Dr. King deserves it,” added Bernard. He and his classmates' pride is just as vibrant as the drum beat that's bringing them together.

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