Sunrise Man Brings Home Title at Key Lime Pie Eating Contest During Key West Celebration

What to Know

  • Key West held their annual Key Lime Pie Eating Contest as part of their annual events celebrating the holiday weekend.

A Sunrise man on his honeymoon in Key West was able to bring home a championship to his new family after winning the annual “Mile High Key Lime Pie Eatin’ Contest”.

Elliott Zeller was able to eat an entire nine inch pie in under 63 seconds.

“I think I’ve been training for this my whole life,” said Zeller after the contest, his face and beard still smeared with pie. “My wife can vouch I don’t eat with my hands very much, and I’m a very sloppy eater -- so this was written for me.”

The consumption competition was the highlight of Key West’s three-day Key Lime Festival. Other festival events included a Key lime cooking class and a distillery tour featuring tastes of locally-made Key lime rum.

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