Sunrise Teen Admits to Lying About Fireworks Incident

A Sunrise teen who lost his hand in a fireworks accident came clean about his ordeal and admitted that he was holding the explosive device, and that it had not been thrown at him as he originally told police.

According to an update to a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for 13-year-old Javonte McNair's medical expenses, the teen's mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County says McNair made the confession to detectives on Friday.

On July 8th, McNair reportedly encountered two 10-year-old neighborhood boys who were playing with a large firework. McNair didn't think the device was lit, but as he leaned over and reached out to hold it, the firework exploded in his hand, the page indicates.

The teen initially told police that a neighborhood boy threw the firework at him. The teen reportedly admitted that he was afraid to tell the truth because he was worried that people would be mad at him.

McNair was released from the hospital on July 10th after undergoing hours of emergency surgery. Doctors with the Eye Institute at Jackson Memorial Hospital spent hours removing debris from his eye, while surgeons were forced to amputate the teen's right hand, leaving only the wrist bone.

The teen's mentor wrote on the GoFundMe page that McNair and his mother, Theresa, remain appreciative of the outpouring of support. He says they all feel relieved to know that no one intentionally hurt McNair as previously believed, but that they all felt a flood of forgiveness, describing McNair as "a good kid that still needs our help."

So far, the campaign has raised $20,000 to go toward McNair's medical expenses.

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