Bomb Squad Explodes Suspicious Envelope in Sweetwater: Cops

A letter that was found at a mailing facility mentioned President Barack Obama and "Clinton," police said

A bomb squad exploded a suspicious envelope in Sweetwater Thursday after a letter was found at a mailing facility that mentioned President Barack Obama and "Clinton," police said.

It's not known which Clinton was being referred to in the letter, which had other unidentifiable writing and suspicious content, Sweetwater Police said in a statement.

They initially said they were looking into what they called a suspected bomb in front of the building at 11698 NW 21st Street. It is a Customs and Border Protection foreign mailing facility.

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The CBP officer who found the suspicious envelope notified his superior, who in an abundance of caution took it to the parking lot and called police. CBP employees were cleared from the building, the lot was cleared of vehicles, and police said they closed 117th Avenue from NW 15th Street to NW 25th Street after they informed the Miami-Dade Bomb Squad, which exploded the envelope.

Police said they continue to investigate.

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