Sweet, Heat! Police Packing AR-15s

Sweetwater police officers are tired of being targets and will fight fire with heavy fire

Sweetwater police have a message for any bad guy who comes to town looking for trouble. They've got bigger guns than you do.

Tired of being targets of assault rifles, Sweetwater became the first department in Miami-Dade to equip their entire staff with the military-style weapons. We're talking heavy duty fire power, too.

Every officer received an AR-15 on Wednesday, equipped with a fashionable carrying case and extra clips, you know, for those days when one just isn't enough to stop that tank that's rumbling down a city street. Each clip carries between 30 to 45 bullets and the gun itself can fire off 800 rounds per minute. The AR-15 is considered by most gun aficionados as the popular AK 47's lighter, deadlier cousin.

So when did Sarah Palin become the Mayor of Sweetwater? We're sure she would be proud.

Officials said the fight fire-with-fire approach is not meant to start a war, but to ensure protection for officers and citizens. We're pretty sure that's enough ammunition to deter a small militia.

Isn't the idea to keep assault rifles off the street, not add to the count? Maybe that mission will be accomplished a little easier if officers can return a hail of bullets at a suspect.

Let's just hope criminals don't start packing bazookas or patriot missiles.

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