Sweetwater Detective Guilty in Credit Fraud, ID Theft

William Garcia faces up to 35 years in prison

A South Florida police detective is facing federal prison time after a jury convicted him in an identity theft and credit card fraud case.
William Garcia of the Sweetwater Police Department was convicted Monday of conspiracy, use of a counterfeit access device and 10 counts of aggravated identity theft. Garcia faces a required minimum term of two years in prison and a maximum of 35 years when he is sentenced in June.
Trial evidence showed that Garcia had an improper relationship with a former confidential source who was a convicted felon. The source provided Garcia and a South Miami detective with counterfeit credit cards that were used in shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters and elsewhere.
Several meetings between the source and Garcia were video recorded by the FBI.

The South Miami detective, Richard Munoz, pleaded guilty in March to related fraud charges and will be sentenced on May 9.

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