Ted Cruz Addresses Reporters Ahead of Republican National Committee's Spring Meeting in Florida

Ted Cruz is conceding he cannot win the Republican presidential nomination before the party's national convention this summer.

But the Texas senator insists that GOP front-runner Donald Trump can't clinch the nomination before the convention either.

Cruz addressed reporters on Wednesday at the site of the Republican National Committee's spring meeting in Florida.

He said, "What's clear today is that we are headed to a contested convention."

Party leaders are convening this week to discuss the rules governing the messy nomination process. Trump is accusing GOP leaders of a rigged system that's allowing Cruz to collect delegates even though he's losing the popular vote in some states.

Cruz says the nomination will ultimately be decided at the party's national convention in July.

"I believe we have a tremendous advantage in that battle," he said.

Trump's win Tuesday night in New York gave him a 285 delegate lead against Cruz. But that hasn't stopped Cruz from zeroing in on the GOP frontrunner, claiming Trump can't win the majority needed to get the nomination.

"The reason Donald has been complaining so incessantly and the reason why his media surrogates repeat those complaints, because he's losing at the ballot box. He has a hard ceiling of 35-40 percent, outside his home state he has a very difficult time breaking," Cruz said.

The RNC Spring Meeting will begin on Thursday in Hollywood.

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