Teen Bakes His Way to Walt Disney World

Who knew making cupcakes could lead to a magical trip to Disney World?

It’s possible – and that’s exactly what happened to Isaiah Tuckett, a young, aspiring baker from Madison, Minn.

Isaiah’s foray into baking began when he made cupcakes for his grandma's 85th birthday party. The 14-year-old had no idea this small voluntary gesture would soon bring him sugary success.

Soon after that party, a family friend reached out and asked Isaiah to bake cupcakes for a graduation party. Cheri Tuckett, Isaiah's mom, told NBC 6 that the 200 or so people at the party all loved his cupcakes. From there, orders started rolling in.

Isaiah, who was still in middle school at the time, began to take a variety of cupcake orders. He baked for every occasion; from his town's local high school prom to the grand opening of a computer company in town. All of his baking took place in his home kitchen.

After realizing the success of his cupcakes, Isaiah started a Facebook Page, Isaiah's Tasty Treats, where he lists his menu options and prices. As the money rolled in, Isaiah wanted to put it toward an extraordinary experience. With about $5,000 in his pocket, he knew what to do next.

Isaiah used his well-earned money to take his entire family to Lake Buena Vista, Fla. – the home of Walt Disney World.

"Going to Disney felt even better knowing I got there because of my hard work," Isaiah said.

The family of seven enjoyed the legendary Magic Kingdom park as well as a visit to Discovery Cove, where they snorkeled and swam with dolphins.

When Isaiah is not baking in the kitchen, he is involved in football, choir, track and field and his church youth group. But he doesn't stray away from food-related activities much – he also likes to visit bakeries and restaurants in his free time.

Isaiah has ambitious goals for his future. The determined baker is set on buying a blue Ford pickup with his future cupcake earnings. He also wants to attend culinary school and eventually open his own bakery.

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