Teen Burn Suspects Reject Plea Deal

Trio charged with second-degree attempted murder in court

The three teens accused of pouring flammable liquid on Michael Brewer and setting him on fire last year were in court Wednesday, where they rejected a plea deal from prosecutors.

Matthew Bent, Denver Jarvis and Jesus Mendez, all 16, turned down the plea deal, the terms of which were undisclosed in court.

The three suspects, all charged with second-degree attempted murder, are due back in court Friday afternoon to further discuss a deal.

Prosecutors said it wasn't the first time the defendants had turned down a deal. A public defender for the teens said they relied on guidance from the court in turning down the plea deal for now.

Bent, Jarvis and Mendez have been locked up since the Oct. 12, 2009 attack on Brewer at a Deerfield Beach apartment complex. They're accused of confronting Brewer, who was their classmate, after an argument over a video game that Brewer had reportedly agreed to buy from one of them.

One of the teens doused Brewer in rubbing alcohol, and Mendez allegedly lit a match and threw it on the now 16-year-old, who jumped into a nearby pool to put out the flames.

Brewer was burned on over 60 percent of his body and spent months in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

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