Teen Charged With Impersonating Cop to Fondle Boy

9-year-old was assaulted in a portable bathroom at Sunview park

Broward Sheriff's Office investigators think they have found the man responsible for tricking a 9-year-old into believing he was a cop earlier this week and sexually assaulting the boy.

Rumaldo Frometa, 17 of Fort Lauderdale, was in a Broward courtroom Thursday facing sexual assault charges on a minor, kidnapping and falsely impersonating an officer.

When detectives arrested Frometa, he was carrying a black "police" hat, a toy silver revolver, handcuffs and a tape recorder that he told detectives was his police radio. Frometa admitted to the crime, investigators said.

Frometa also has a sexual battery charge pending that dates back to April of 2008, according to court records. Because he is a minor, the details were not available.

According to police, the victim and his 7-year-old sister were walking home from camp through at Sunview Park in Central Broward when Frometa approached them claiming that he was a police officer.

After showing the kids a gun and handcuffs, he led the boy into the port o potty and told the boy's sister to wait outside. Inside, he sexually assaulted the boy while covering the boy's mouth to drown the screams.

Both the boy and his sister were able to pick out the Frometa out from a photo line-up.

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