The Grass is Always Greener…With Paint

Water restrictions are forcing homeowners to paint their lawns green

Florida residents have found a new way to go greener without planting or recycling a thing.

Frustrated with restrictions on outdoor watering, homeowners have taken to painting their lawns green to keep that fresh grass look.

Grass Monkey in Tampa is one of several companies popping up that will put a fresh coat on the yard for a couple hundred bucks and turn that brown spotted eyesore into a field of greens.

"We mow the lawn, edge it and then we apply a green dye. It's a safe dye," Jason Denham, owner of Grass Monkey, told WFLA. "It's actually the exact same product they use on professional sporting fields."

Denham says the low-maintenance product lasts for a few months and is safe to go near an hour and a half after it's applied.

"Dogs, cats, animals, kids can walk on it right away," Denham said.

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