The Kid Is Not My Son: Malnik

"Blanket" may not be Al Malnik's son, but he'll still take him

Who knew Billie Jean was actually written by Forge Owner Al Malnik?

The reputed mobster-turned-restaurant owner cleared the air Wednesday on rumors that he may actually be the biological father of Michael Jackson's 7-year-old son, Blanket.

''Of course I'm not the biological father,'' Malnik said in an interview with the Today show on Wednesday.

We're sure that's a relief off the mind of Katherine Jackson, who has been awarded temporary custody of Jackson's three kids.

Malnik tossed his name into the three-ring circus that is sure to become the custody battle for Jackson's three kids when he told anyone who would listen that he and Jackson had an agreement that Malnik would get custody of Prince Michael II, aka, Blanket. Malnik also said the King of Pop wanted him to be the executor of his will.

Malnik went on a picture-publishing frenzy to prove his claim, sending out dozens of candid photos of the Jackson's kids with him.

Jackson's will surfaced Wednesday and was submitted to the courts and so far no one can find Malnik's name anywhere in it. Can you say Never Never Land?

Malnik and Jackson became friends around 2002, with Jackson even making a surprise appearance at Malnik's 70th birthday party. But several reports claim their relationship went sour after Jackson became wary that Malnik was trying to muscle in on his finances.

Malnik, 76, contends the two had a healthy friendship up until Jackson's death last week.

"He and the kids stayed here for several months with us, and we all just thought the world of him," Malnik said in the interview. "He just could not have been a nicer, sweeter soul.''

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