Keys Woman Steals in the Name Of Cosmetology

A Key West educator stole thousands of dollars to buy a table saw, chandelier and other "cosmetic" tools

Monique Acevedo was doing more than buying pencils and school supplies with her school board issued credit card in Key West.

A lot more.

Acevedo, who taught adult cosmetology in the Keys, charged more than $95,000 on her school district credit card for bar stools, spear-gun equipment and other school essentials.

It’s not like Acevedo’s spending could possibly go unsupervised. Her hubby is the Monroe County school board superintendent.

She says the purchases were all for her classes.

You mean, like that table saw that must also give a mean manicure? Clearly the chandelier she bought was used to help with lighting for facials.

We don’t really have any excuse for the spear gun, but what Key West classroom doesn’t have one?

Acevedo is chargd with grand theft and organized fraud .

Monroe County Sheriff’s have put out an arrest warrant for Acevedo, who resigned from her teaching position, but was supposed to turn herself in Wednesday, the Miami Herald reported.

Surprisingly (or not), she didn’t.

Maybe Acevedo got caught up watching that complete DVD box set of HBO’s “Six Feet Under” she bought for her class. That show can be addictive, kind of like stealing.

Authorities said on top of the illegal credit card use, Acevedo took payments for her class in cash – almost $200,000 worth. No word on what that money went toward.

Our guest is a Bentley for class field trips.

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