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Townhouse Catches Fire After Apparent Lightning Strike in North Lauderdale

Four families are now displaced after lightning apparently struck a townhouse in North Lauderdale causing the roof to go up in flames

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There were terrifying moments in a North Lauderdale neighborhood where it appears lightning struck a building, setting four units on fire.

A call came into North Lauderdale Fire just around 2:30 p.m. when flames were coming out of a townhouse.

Three lighting bolts simultaneously struck a multi-family building on Winners Circle causing the building to catch fire, officials said.

Firefighters rushed to put out the blaze.

“It's just a blur, a nightmare,” said Jon McCully. He and his wife Donna are among 12 people who have been displaced.

Their two dogs and two cats were home alone when lightning struck. Those four animals were rescued by firefighters.

“I was not allowed in. The firefighters thought the roof will collapse they went in to rescue them,” said McCully.

The couple was able to gather their belongings after the blaze was put out. There was a gaping hole where their roof used to be.

“I feel like my entire life has been destroyed. My animals are alive, but I have nowhere to stay,” said McCully.

Two units in the building that were hit are uninhabitable, the other two other units have substantial damage.

Residents are shaken and worried about their neighbors following this summer thunderstorm that caused substantial damage.

“This is very rare and doesn’t happen here. I just feel bad for those people that lost everything but they have each other,” said Roxanne Chiari.

Officials said it appears there are no casualties, but the Red Cross will be stepping in to help those four families with a place to sleep tonight.

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