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Traffic Alerts: Palmetto Express Lanes Tolls; Overnight Closures on I-95

South Florida transportation officials want drivers to be aware of two major traffic alerts that could impact your commute.

Starting Monday, toll collection will begin in the SR-826 (Palmetto) Express Lanes in both directions between West Flagler Street and NW 154th Street, and along Interstate 75 from the Palmetto to NW 170th Street.

Florida Department of Transportation officials said there is no cap at the moment, but drivers will pay a minimum of 50 cents per segment. Overhead signs will tell drivers how much they will pay before entry.

Drivers will be able to enter northbound express lanes at three locations:

• between West Flagler Street and the Dolphin Expressway,
• between 36th Street and NW 58th Street
• and between Okeechobee Road and 103rd Street.

Northbound drivers entering the Palmetto from Okeechobee road, 103rd and 122nd will not have access to the Palmetto Express Lanes. If you’re entering southbound, you can hop on north of Miami Lakes Drive or by connecting directly from the I-75 express lanes entrance just south of NW 170th Street.

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Also to keep in mind, for three days next week Interstate 95 will have some major overnight closures.

From 10 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, all southbound lanes will be closed from the Airport Expressway and the Julia Tuttle Causeway, to the Dolphin Expressway and the Macarthur Causeway. Both ramps on the 112 and 195 to southbound I-95 will be closed during this time frame.

To get around the closures:

• Drivers coming from eastbound 112 should take 12th Avenue,
• westbound 195 drivers should take Biscayne Boulevard,
• and I-95 southbound drivers should take North Miami Avenue.

During these closures, FDOT will be installing five overhead signs because there be an additional auxilary lane on I-95 from 17th to 29th Street that will eventually receive the additional traffic from the widened eastbound 836 ramp to northbound I-95.
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