Transgender Running Against Wasserman Shultz for Congress

Congressional candidate Donna Milo was once a man

Donna Milo is a Congressional candidate unlike any South Florida politics has seen.

Sure, she has a background similar to some of the most successful pols in the area. Her family fled from Cuba in the 1960s and arrived on Miami's shores with nothing.

Milo used hard work to start a successful construction company and has raised a family.

And by the way, she was once a he.

Milo, a Republican, changed sexes 10 years ago and now she wants voters to help her make a change in Washington D.C.

On Wednesday, Milo held her congressional campaign kickoff party as she challenges Democrat incumbent Debbie Wasserman Shultz for the right to represent District 20.

According to her website, Milo plans to focus on tax incentives to boost the economy, healthcare and ending the nation's dependence on foreign oil to win election.

"I will bring meaning and respect back to the guiding principle of our founding fathers," Milo says on her website.

Milo does have political experience and currently serves as the vice-chair of the city of Miami Planning Advisory Board.

As for the transgender issue, Milo addresses it in a paragraph buried on her "Meet Donna" profile.

"It is the firm belief in the principle honesty that allowed me to face my life's greatest challenge, to be true to myself, honest with my loved ones and to confront my true identity," Milo wrote. "After years of great pain and struggle, I finally came to terms with the decision to be who I am and to undergo gender re-assignment surgery."

It's unclear how the sex change will play during the campaign or among usually conservative Republicans, but one thing is sure, few have embraced change quite like Milo.

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