Two Loggerhead Sea Turtles Released Into Wild

SeaWorld Orlando

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and SeaWorld Orlando’s Rescue Team have released two loggerhead sea turtles back into the wild.

One of the turtles -- a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle -- was found wounded with a severely low body temperature in December 2016. The other was found upside down in the surf at Port Canaveral back in March, according to a press release. That sub-adult loggerhead turtle was found emaciated, with seashells blocking its digestive tract.

Both animals were rehabilitated after SeaWorld gave the first turtle antibiotics and laser therapy and the second turtle fluid therapy. The second loggerhead turtle gained 28 pounds after treatment.

Fourteen turtles have been released into the wild after intervention by SeaWorld. Along with the FWC, both organizations have released 2,000 turtles since 1980.

The turtles were released to the ocean at Pineda Beach Park this morning.

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