Brian Hamacher

Uber Driver Not Facing Charges in Shooting of Robbery Suspect: Aventura Police

The driver had a concealed weapons permit

An Uber driver who shot and killed a man who was trying to rob him in Aventura won't be facing charges, police said Monday.

Aventura Police held a news conference Monday afternoon, where they identified the suspect who was killed Sunday as 24-year-old Kevin DeVincent Johnson.

Police said the Uber driver had picked up a passenger and was driving west on the William Lehman Causeway when he was cut off by a Dodge Caravan. The driver of the Caravan, Johnson, jumped out with two guns drawn and attempted to rob the Uber driver.

The Uber driver pulled out his own gun and opened fire on Johnson, who was killed at the scene, police said. The Uber driver had a concealed weapons permit but according to the company's firearms policy, riders and drivers are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while in a vehicle and using the app.

"There's no indication at this time that the subjects knew that the victim was an Uber driver at all," Aventura Police Sgt. Chris Goranitis said.

Police said Johnson had committed another armed robbery in Broward an hour before the shooting.

A passenger who was in the Caravan took the wheel and fled the scene before police arrived. The Caravan was later found and police said they're investigating a second person of interest.

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