University of Miami Police Increase On-Campus Security

The increased security measures are being enacted after a string of recent robberies.

After a recent string of robberies, University of Miami Police have announced they will increase on-campus security.

The new security measures include having more police officers on patrol duty and adding more guards to the San Amaro and University Village areas, according to a statement on the department's Facebook page.

"In order to prevent any more crimes from occurring, we've saturated the area with additional cops," UMPD Chief David Rivero said. "We've moved some security guards into the areas where these things are occurring, and obviously, we're going to be adding a few more cameras too."

Rivero said the department wants to send a message to those behind the robberies.

"We want to give a notice to the robber that if he's out there, we're going to catch you if you come back," he said.

The robbers he's referring to? Last month a surveillance camera captured a man who UMPD says robbed a woman's purse and iPhone by a campus garage. Police said he may have driven off in a blue 2007 BMW 330i.

In January, another suspect, who used rocks as weapons, took a Kindle and an iPhone from a male victim. The stolen items were later found dumped nearby.

UMPD will work with the Coral Gables Police Department, the lead agency that investigates on-campus crime, to increase police presence on and around campus.

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