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Victims of Gun Violence Meet With Lawmakers to Demand Gun Reform

What to Know

  • Students from all over the country who have been affected by gun violence were in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to meet with lawmakers.
  • Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Miami Northwestern High attended Wednesday's forum.
  • The forum was held by lawmakers, along with the gun violence prevention task force.

Dozens of South Florida students were on Capitol Hill Wednesday for a meeting with lawmakers to discuss gun violence in their communities.

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Miami Northwestern High School, and other students from around the country who have dealt with gun violence first hand, were all in attendance to tell lawmakers their stories. They also presented proposals for gun reform.

Some of the proposed changes to lawmakers included background checks and stricter gun laws.

The students called out politicians for not taking action at a legislative level. They went on to say there is no reason why Democrats and Republicans cannot agree on this isuse.

“Let’s put America first and put the gun lobbies and the NRA second,” said Alfonso Calderon of Stoneman Douglas High. “I don’t understand why this is such a difficult conversation to have.”

“I feel unsafe because my community is unsafe,” said Jennifer Mirbelle of Miami Northwestern High. “For example, small children are afraid of big children playing in front of their house and riding their bikes because someone might come by and just start shooting.”

Mirbelle went on to say that she feels safer in school than in her community.

The forum was held by house members, along with the gun violence prevention task force, which includes Congresswoman Frederika Wilson and Congressman Ted Deutch.

Members of congress said they want to work with the students to figure out a solution to the nationwide problem.

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